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Tonnellerie Ô is America’s newest French oak cooperage.

Constructed and opened in 2009, Tonnellerie Ô employs a veteran team of experienced barrel makers.

Designed and built from the ground up in concert with R. Monnot, SA — the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced cooperage machinery — Tonnellerie Ô celebrates the integrity of traditional, artisanal barrel making while taking advantage of the newest tools to optimize consistency, precision, workflow efficiency, waste reduction, cleanliness, and the assurance of product quality and worker safety.

At the heart of our unique cooperage resides a 2,500 square foot brick-encircled toasting room. Here — just as a winemaker depends on his or her own keen faculties, experience and artistry to create consistently exceptional wine from grapes — our coopers rely solely on their mastery of their senses, discipline and talent to maintain ideal fire temperatures and judge exactly how long to toast each barrel in order to coax the desired balance of flavors from our oak.

Tonnellerie Ô also houses a state-of-the-art technical laboratory which performs SPME/GC-MS and other advanced analytical testing to reassure the quality and consistency of our finished barrels.

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