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French oak forests are rightly revered for their sheer beauty and their essential contribution to fine wine.

Tonnellerie Ô selectively sources only the finest French oak from the top forests in France. All our French oak is air dried and seasoned for 36+ months at carefully controlled seasoning yards.

Seasoning Yard

Tonnellerie Ô maintains strict quality assurance and traceability protocols for our oak. Periodically at our seasoning yards, and again prior to leaving France, we verify compliance with our exacting quality standards for critical factors such as grain tightness, style, moisture and volume, and track the forest origin of each individual stave lot. Inside our cooperage, our innovative tagging procedure ensures 100% traceability of wood from arrival through the making of our barrels.

Here’s another critical difference: Tonnellerie Ô imports our French oak as rough stave blanks, receiving each lot directly into our cooperage. Starting with wood from the rough blank stage (rather than receiving pre-shaped staves) enables us to control every phase of production and to optimize precision, consistency and waste reduction.

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