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We believe the finest wines in the world will always be made with exceptionally high quality French oak barrels.

Tonnellerie Ô was conceived of and built with a noble vision: to handcraft exquisite French oak barrels essential for making the world's finest wines.

While our oak is French, Tonnellerie Ô is distinctly American. We’ve chosen to build our barrels here at home in California, amongst so many of the world’s finest wineries.

Tonnellerie Ô represents tradition innovated.

All our barrels are handcrafted, hand toasted and hand finished by accomplished artisans skilled in the age-old craft of coopering. Using their keenly trained sense of sight, smell and touch, our veteran coopers transform oak selectively sourced from the finest French forests and stave mills into exceptional barrels destined for the finest wines.

Tree Stacked Staves Barrel-top

We innovate our traditional approach to barrel making by utilizing science and technology in just the right places to assure a measured precision and consistency while leaving it out of the places where only a craftsman’s sense and skill belong.

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