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Tonnellerie O

Master Cooper Selections

With the Master Cooper Selection program, Tonnellerie Ô offers winemakers a rare “forest to barrel” experience that begins in the ancient oak forests of France and ends in our Benicia cooperage.

Like our Futaie Selections tier, oak for our Master Cooper Selections comes exclusively from trees harvested from within the French National Forest System, the Forêt Domaniale. The French National Office of Forestry or ONF has overseen for centuries the management of forests in northern and central France, resulting in oak wood of the highest quality available anywhere in the world, prized for its fine grain and rare uniformity. The organization also enforces sustainable forestry practices to make sure that the supply of this valuable natural resource endures for centuries to come.

Winemakers who participate in the Master Cooper Selection program will accompany Tonnellerie Ô Master Cooper Quinn Roberts to France. Together they will visit the oak forests, meet the families who have been crafting premium quality staves for generations, and receive in-depth forest education. They will also visit the family-owned stave mills to view the entire process from cutting to sorting to seasoning.

After the oak staves have been delivered to the cooperage in Benicia, winemakers will follow the barrel making process from beginning to end, and will determine their own custom formats and barrel toasting.

This program requires a minimum purchase of twelve barrels. Please contact your sales representative for the necessary arrangements.


  1. Bordeaux Export, 225 Liter/27mm
  2. Burgundy Export, 228 Liter/27mm
  3. Bordeaux Élevage, 225 Liter/22mm
  4. Burgundy Crème DLC, 228 Liter/27mm
  5. Bordeaux Château Ferré, 225 Liter/22mm
  6. Bordeaux Château Tradition, 225 Liter/22mm



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